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At fun and loving singles alike unite, to meet, mingle, date and build that long lasting relationship based on common interest. If you are looking for love, date and romance, you are in the right place. Join today to see who is single in your area.

Happy Story

Seaun & Paula

Thank you for finding my true love! Me and Seaun clicked right away, we have so much in common! We had a fantastic first date and are inseperable since.

  • Happy Story

    John & Rachel

    "I'm so happy I gave it a try"

    I never believed in online dating and I'd be the last person to ever try it, if my friend didn't make me sign up. I found John on the second day, and we went out on our first date couple days later. We share so much, it just clicked right away.

  • Happy Story

    Marc & Amy

    "I feel very lucky for having met Amy."

    When we talked on the phone for the first time we realized that we actually go to the same local wine bar. We met there the next day, it is so great to share your interests with that special person.

  • Happy Story

    Carlos & Ria

    "Me and Ria are on our second year together"

    We were set up by our friends Rob and Kat, who also used this site. When I read Ria's profile I decided to call her right away, and a day later we all went on a double date. We organized a wine tasting party, it really had the greatest time.

  • Happy Story

    Pete & Katie

    "It our 3rd year together"

    We met on . We never thought we'd really meet someone special online, but here we are. We love spending time together, dining out and visiting local wine tasting events.

  • Happy Story

    Simone & Maria

    "Thank you! "

    Hi, my name is Simone and I met my fiancé online. Maria and I have many common interests, and now we travel together, experience food and wine and enjoy each others company.

  • Happy Story

    Bill & Laura

    "Without you it would not have been possible!"

    Dear , thank you so much for making our companionship possible. Bill and I are so happy together, we truly have a fairytale relationship full of care, love and respect.